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Purple Wildflowers
Mosaics & Glass

Are you looking for something unique and colorful to brighten up your home?

Do you want to wear a piece of jewelry to which your friends comment “Wow, I’ve never seen a piece like that!”?

Then this is the spot for you.  I endeavor to create colorful and unique mosaics, jewelry and glass art on which people will comment.

Browse at your leisure.

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My mosaics are handmade with mosaic tile and any other materials I find will make the piece interesting. The jewelry ranges from chunky to dainty to suit all personalities.

Mosaic jewelry pendants, rings and earrings for your wearing pleasure.  Each piece is  handcrafted and unique, even if it is the same design. Mosaic pendants include heart shaped, flower shaped, square, circle and others.
I use stained glass as well as smalti, mosaic tile, marble, beach glass, millefiori, dichroic glass, glass cabochons and other materials to make the pieces interesting.

Decorative mosaic wall mirrors and handheld mirrors for the dressing table.   These mirrors range from elegant to funky in a range of colors that fit in any room in your home.