M y Art, like life, is imperfection in the most perfect state.


A friend once asked me...what I thought of art.  Art is a lot like me.  My life is not perfect, but if you put all those imperfect pieces together, you will get a beautiful perfect expression of me, Carol!


My philosophy on art is that we all have it in us.  Whether we express it or not, we all have an opinion as to what we consider good art.  Although art can be seen in everyday objects, sometimes we are moving too fast in this complicated world to take the time to see it.  I have found over the years that expressing art is a must for me, as it relaxes me.  It makes me feel whole. I used to make stained glass windows, but I found I was becoming more interested in the leftover shards and pieces and wondered what I could do with them.  I sat quietly, listening and absorbing.  Thus, a love for mosaics was born.


In my pieces, I use stained glass, ceramic tile, glass tile, millefiori, smalti, and items found at the hardware store, among other items. Some pieces are grouted, while others remain without grout. From the bright colors of smalti with the flecks of bubbles, to the smooth coolness of stained glass - color and texture are my favorite aspects of mosaics, and I try to bring a blend of both to each piece.  Perhaps something else has caught your eye, let me know.  I would love to hear what interests you.


I am always experimenting, trying new things, and seeing beauty in the most unique pieces.  But, I can only express the art that is inside of me and what I think is beautiful.  I hope you can see it, too.  My art pleases me, and I want to share it with others. I hope you find something of interest that makes you smile, gives you an idea, or just makes you take note of the color and texture in our beautiful world.  Enjoy!



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