What's New?  See some of my new creations below.  Please email me if you are interested in any custom items. 


 What is Etsy?  Etsy is a special site to buy things handmade or vintage.  It is very colorful, unique and fun. 

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Custom made coat rack for a child's room (above).  These are the Audrey and Christian models.  These 20" x 6" x 1" coat racks are perfect for a child's room, a teenager's room, the family mudroom, to hold the dog's leashes, even in the laundry room.  

Below, a dainty daisy sits in the middle of blue clay mosaic, placed on a blue silk ribbon.  Also below are custom tables created for a housewarming gift and a 50th Birthday.

Ask me about what I can custom make for you.